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Want to go long and luscious with your locks but can't wait out the grow-in period? We've got you covered! For a glossy, full look, to fill in thin hair, pump up the volume or simply add length, we exclusively use Ron King Invisi-tab Hair Extensions. You read right, owner Ron King developed his very own line of extensions which are applied painlessly and quickly, without heat, and can be blended seamlessly with your own cut and color by one of our specially trained stylists.

The results? Head-turning, seamless tresses that can be completely customized with a cut, color and styling tools. For more information on the line of Ron King Invisi-tab Hair Extensions, please visit our other site at

Truly Seamless

A whole head of extensions can be done in less than 40 minutes. See the process here! Celebrity stylist Ron King demonstrates the application of the Invisi-Tab hair extensions.

InvisiTab Process


Ron King Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions

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